BOTOX® Treatment for TMD in San Ramon, CA

Botox Treatment, San Ramon, CA

Bigman Orthodontics offers therapeutic Botox® treatments for TMD sufferers in Ramon, CA.

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About TMJ / TMD

TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, occurs when the sliding joint between your jawbone and your skull becomes misaligned. Less severe cases can be treated with home remedies such as ice packs and temporarily switching to a soft diet. For more severe cases, though, Botox® injections, as well as anti-inflammatory medications and stabilization splints, may be the best solution.

TMDs fall into three main types, so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis of which one you have:

  • Myofascial pain, or pain in the muscles that operate the jaw.

  • Internal derangement of the joint, such as a dislocated jaw or displaced disc.

  • Arthritis, a degenerative inflammatory disorder.

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