Woman Holding Invisalign

5 Benefits of Invisalign

Nowadays, Invisalign has become one of the most popular orthodontic treatments available. Instead of the metal brackets and wires of traditional braces, the system uses clear, plastic aligning trays to reposition the teeth. Designed from advanced digital imaging to fit the precise contours of your mouth, the Invisalign trays rest comfortably over the teeth as they apply gentle aligning pressure.

The system uses a series of the trays, worn in a specific order, to progressively straighten the teeth. The patient wears each set of aligning trays for a couple of weeks and then replaces it with the next set in the treatment plan.

Invisalign’s popularity is largely due to the benefits that the system offers. Here are five benefits that Invisalign provides.

1. Easier Dental Hygiene at Home

At-home dental hygiene plays an important role in your oral health. The plaque in your mouth contains oral bacteria that release acid as they feed on bits of food left in the mouth after you eat. If the plaque is not promptly removed, large quantities of acid may build up, demineralizing the teeth to cause decay.

With traditional braces, you must navigate around all the components of the appliance to effectively clean your teeth. Special tools, such as floss threaders and interdental brushes, may be needed. Still, portions of the teeth remain inaccessible due to the direct application of the brackets on the tooth material.

The trays of the Invisalign system are removable. You can take them out of the mouth whenever you need to brush, floss, or even rinse your mouth. As long as the trays are not left out of the mouth for more than a couple of hours daily, your treatment should progress on schedule.

2. Fewer Embarrassing Moments While Eating

Many people who have worn braces can likely recall multiple instances of food becoming caught in their braces in public. During dinner dates or social gatherings, there are rarely mirrors available to monitor the look of your mouth as you eat. Still, orthodontic treatments and embarrassing moments don’t have to go hand-in-hand.

The removability of Invisalign alignment trays allows patients to eat without the appliance in place. There are no appliance parts to trap and display bits of food as you chew.

3. Greater Discretion Throughout Your Treatment

One of the least desirable aspects of an orthodontic treatment can be its impact on your appearance. Metal parts can appear quite obvious against the white backdrop of the teeth.

However, with Invisalign, the teeth are fully visible. The trays are made of transparent plastic, so they don’t hide the teeth or mar their appearance. In fact, they are virtually undetectable without close observation. Thus, you can smile and speak with confidence, knowing that your appliance doesn’t detract from your appearance or draw the attention of others.

4. Safer Participation in Contact Sports

Invisalign may be particularly inviting if you play contact sports. With conventional braces, a special mouth guard may be necessary during sports to protect the soft tissues of the mouth from injury. An unexpected blow that could press the gums or inner cheeks against the sharp edges of the appliance. However, Invisalign aligners are made of smooth plastic that is designed from digital images of your mouth. Consequently, the aligners have no sharp corners or protruding parts that snag the gums and other soft tissues.

5. Sneak Previews of Your Final Results

Because Invisalign is designed using digital imaging, the system offers a preview of your final results. Before your treatment ever starts, you already have a clear idea of how your teeth will look after your alignment correction is complete. Additionally, you know how long your treatment is expected to take.

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